The Fire in my Soul | About the Author

Robin Chestner-Hannon was born in New York City. She is an ordained non-denominational minister with NCIOM (Nova Costria International Outreach Ministry.) She is a Wedding Officiate and holds her Doctor of Biblical Studies from Universal Life Church in Modesto California.

She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner. She has worked in the past with the FMH Regional Cancer center in Frederick Maryland giving Reiki to cancer patients.Robin had the honor of working with a local Hospice providing Reiki to dying patients as well as training hospice staff in Reiki techniques and treatments.

She has been providing teachings on lucid dreaming, and self-reflection. She uses the art of lucid dreaming, meditation and visualization. Psychiatrists have used it for years to help with PTSD, trauma, and other related issues.In sharing her dreams, visions, poems, and thoughts, it is the intent of the writer to use the gifts and talents to be a facilitator and teacher. View this book as a spiritual journey of sorts filled with various musings, thoughts, poems and visions. May the reader find it enlightening and provide food for thought.