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Monsters a Nation's Downfall: Editorial

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

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We have become a nation of monsters. There is no moral compass any more. Selfish, narcissistic, uncaring, with our conscience as a people and Nation seared with a hot iron.We have sowed dissent, arrogance, cruelty, and rage. There have been selfish riots to open up, and now Covid is on the rise again.

There have been conspiracy theories that Covid is a hoax, meanwhile I just lost someone dear to me, and I would love for people to explain her dead body racked by Covid, verified by the hospital she died in.

We attack people based on the color of their skin. There has been an increase in antisemitism, and people were shot worshiping in their own synagogues. Children have been gunned down while innocently sitting in their classrooms.

As I write this, there are people rioting and looting in every city over the recent death of George Floyd after a policeman knelt on his neck choking him for over five minutes until he died. Due to this people destroying their own neighborhoods. Innocent shopkeepers are losing their life's work as their stores are looted or burned. This is not the way to protest. The National Guard is in cities with tear gas and bullets.

There is no moral center, no conscience, and it is made worse by the issues we've had with Covid. We have gone mad as a Nation and are disintegrating from within while our enemies watch with glee, probably drooling and slavering over our mutual destruction.

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