• Robin Chestner-Hannon

"And the Tongue is a Fire, a World of Unrighteousness"

Updated: May 17, 2020

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I am not normally political in my writings and try to remain neutral in my beliefs. I deliberately kept this out of my book so as not to step on political or religious toes, but this goes deeper than this to the heart of the Nation.

There were two separate mouths facing each other. One was on the right, the other on the left. You could visually see blackness, vomit, foulness and all sorts of nastiness coming from each of the separate mouths that were directed at each other.

The things emanating from those mouths were injuring on both sides. Blood was dripping from both mouths due to injuries that had been sustained, and the teeth reminded me of the poster from Cujo or even Dracula.

As this progressed the blood and muck started dripping downwards to the people on the earth. It seemed to be absorbed into their heads and this caused a madness of spirit to descend on them. They were as beasts attacking each other, destroying anything and everything in their wake.

They had their faces to the sky ingesting the blood drunk with power, anger, and the need to destroy each other. The blood then proceeded to drip down the bodies and feet of the people into the earth. This caused a massive quake and a huge fissure appeared. The warring people were then sucked into the earth and crushed.

While this is an obvious allegory and dream one can take it as political in nature. Perhaps the two mouths are the opposing parties that have led to such division in the USA of late. As well it seems to me to speak to the general overall hatred, violence, and racism that have suddenly reared it's ugly head in America.

If we continue this will destroy the fabric of our society and everything we have built on will rupture and collapse from under our feet. Nothing will be left standing. It is our job then to stand in the gap. To make sure that bigotry, racism, hatred and divisions do not undermine the very foundations and freedoms we so appreciate.

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