• Robin Chestner-Hannon

Black lives matter vs All lives matter

All lives do matter, however as a white person you do not get pulled over for hanging a deodorizer in your car. It is unlikely someone would sit on your neck for nine minutes until you die, As someone who is white, you also do not get pulled over after buying a new car and end up pepper -sprayed in your face by the police. You do not fear for your life to get out of your car when the policeman tells you to. As a white person you have never been shot down, invalidated, denied basic rights like a dog for no reason other than the color of your skin,

In particular we need to own the fact that racial inequality is a deadly issue. The reason the slogan is there is that black people feel that their lives do not matter. People take one look and all they see is their hatred and racism. Black men are more likely to end up in jail or killed or shot by a policeman.

One day I was going to a restaurant with my friend who is a black woman. The waiter refused to talk to her. He would only address me. My friend and I discussed the matter, and we stood up and went to speak to the owner. After that, we agreed to leave together in protest.

We need to make people of color whether they’re black or Asian or any other color other than white feel as though their lives matter to others and they are free to live their lives without fear.

As believers, as ambassadors, we must ensure people feel validated, heard, that they matter to us as a Nation. That we create a haven no matter the ethnicity. Black lives should not be disposable. They have the same rights and should be afforded what is promised and taken for granted by every white, the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Black lives have not mattered in America since 1619. That is why Black people are fighting so hard to change that history and make Black Lives Matter in America in 2021.

God loves all His children and yes our lives matter to Him. Let's show that black lives matter in this world and Nation just as much, equally, with their God given rights in tact. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

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