• Robin Chestner-Hannon

More on the recent insurrection

Over the next few weeks I am going to continue to fast and pray for our country.

While the President has committed to a peaceful transition, it's a lot too little and too late. The recent insurrection caused at least four deaths. Had the mob been successful people in the senate that we duly elected would have been killed.

While there is talk of the 25 amendement or impeaching him, that takes time. By the time they got through any of the red tape his time would be over anyway. I also want to point out that even if he were ousted and impeached today, his following is so strong, he could easily stir them up with his rhetoric after he leaves. It is very possible there will be more such incidents he creates in the future no matter what we do. If we put him in prison we make him a martyr for his cause. Pray with me!

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