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Newest Vision Journey

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I did a vision journey today and asked about the fate of our country. While I did not get the answers I expected here is what I was told: There are universal laws and truths. If you jump off a building you will not defy gravity for example. When a farmer plants his crops, the fruit of them will depend on the seed. You can't plant tomato and expect watermelon. If you have a living body of water, that body can not contain both tainted and pure water. These are simple laws of the Universe and physics. In this time many of the things you see are based on previous actions and decisions. The weeds have been allowed to grow and choke out many of the crops. Freedom became license, and where there is license you get anarchy, greed, corruptness, and the like. As the root is so is the tree. The deeper the root, the sicker it is, the more then entire tree is affected. This is a time to stand in the center of the storm and let it whirl about you. Whatever is taken, keep your roots centered and deep. If you look at the things coming to pass the hearts of many will fail them for fear. When you see these things, that is the time to stand as a warrior, praying daily, refusing to let fear take you down the rabbit hole. This is not a time to what if, or even bemoan your losses, it's a time to put on your armor. As a Nation those that are called must toughen their stance in faith, and pray daily against the deluge of darkness. Just as the wheat is harvested with the chaff, there will be those who will be of the Light, shining during these dark times, and those of deep darkness whose objective it is to dim the light until it dies. Remember this is not just about your nation, but a deeper concept of transmutation, of becoming the light, vs becoming the darkness. In the worst of times this is still the human choice to make.

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