• Robin Chestner-Hannon

This is Political in Nature

Due to the nature of the horrific insurrection and lives that were lost, and as well lives that were in jeopardy I want to spend the next few posts on this. If it offends, forgive, and move on, you do not have to read this.

In Cabaret the musical there is a chilling scene where they are singing Tomorrow belongs to me. It starts off as innocent and becomes a Nazi march that makes your hair stand up on end. When Nationalism becomes Authoritarian, we end up with something similar.

Party and politics should not define us. We should be defined by our moral center, the things that are a passion for us. Law and order, common ground, working for the good of the United States.

There are forces at work to tear us apart from the inside, and they are succeeding. Part of the success of our country has been, "One Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All." When we become splintered and divided, and allow lawlessness and viciousness to be our code, we have torn the fabric that has made America the beacon of hope. Make America Great Again is a slogan that has come to mean infamy, degenerate behavior, violence, splintering, lawlessness, and sedition. That does not make America Great Again.

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