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Dreams and Visions
the Fire in my Soul 

Embark on an extraordinary voyage of the soul with "Dreams and Visions," a captivating exploration of the mystical realms of visions, dreams, and spiritual journeys. Authored by a visionary thinker, this book delves deep into the profound experiences and revelations that have shaped their path, offering readers a unique window into the boundless potential of the human mind and spirit.

At the heart of this book lies a compelling invitation: to journey alongside the author through the uncharted territories of consciousness. Each page is a mosaic of vivid dreams, transcendent visions, and transformative spiritual encounters, meticulously woven together to illuminate the path to personal enlightenment.

As you traverse this mesmerizing landscape of the mind, you are encouraged to open your own heart and intellect to the infinite possibilities that lie within. This is not just a narrative; it's a catalyst for self-discovery and inner awakening. The author's deeply personal experiences serve as a mirror, reflecting the universal quest for meaning, connection, and a greater understanding of the cosmos.

"Dreams and Visions" is more than a book; it's a testament to the power of the human spirit to transcend the mundane and touch the divine. It's a clarion call for those yearning to break free from the confines of the ordinary and embark on their own journey of spiritual and intellectual metamorphosis.

Whether you are a seeker of wisdom, a lover of the mystical, or simply curious about the deeper aspects of the human experience, this book is a treasure trove of insights and inspirations. Join the author on this remarkable odyssey and discover the endless possibilities that await within you.

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Whether you are looking for insight, perspective, spiritual meaning, or discernment, you will find some wisdom here that will be helpful in some way. There is something for just about anyone depending on what you bring to the book.

The many themes and lessons include: introspection, intuition, light and dark energy, Reiki Practices, balance, connection, ecology as spiritual and physical, boundaries, prophecies, fear vs. faith, choices, struggle, transformation, harmful faith as well as stories and poems.


What matters is the relevance it has to your life and it's improvement. This would not be possible, if not for the eclectic approach Ms. Chestner-Hannon has in her spiritual work and in her own life.


Her life is like the wonderful poems she has written, and the beautiful melodies she sings with her  soulful incredible voice. Certainly, you will find the music in your life in Dreams and Visions the Fire in my Soul.

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