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Firewoman image representing dreams and visions the fire in my soul


Dreams and Visions
the Fire in my Soul 

Open your minds and heart to the endless possibilities that the human mind and spirit can conjure.

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Image by Patrick Hendry

Whether you are looking for insight, perspective, spiritual meaning, or discernment, you will find some wisdom here that will be helpful in some way. There is something for just about anyone depending on what you bring to the book.

The many themes and lessons include: introspection, intuition, light and dark energy, Reiki Practices, balance, connection, ecology as spiritual and physical, boundaries, prophecies, fear vs. faith, choices, struggle, transformation, harmful faith as well as stories and poems.


What matters is the relevance it has to your life and it's improvement. This would not be possible, if not for the eclectic approach Ms. Chestner-Hannon has in her spiritual work and in her own life.


Her life is like the wonderful poems she has written, and the beautiful melodies she sings with her  soulful incredible voice. Certainly, you will find the music in your life in Dreams and Visions the Fire in my Soul.

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