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Before you read my book or blog

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

It is important to understand that my beliefs, my thoughts may not line up with your own. My ideas are out of the box. They will clash with uber conservative ideas, and they will challenge your comfort zone.

Many of my dreams and visions are about life beyond death. In some cases I have personified Mother Earth or Trees to tell a story about ecology or make a point. I have spoken about being a prayer warrior, being the Light in dark times, but I am not advocating any particular religion, Deity, etc.

I am an ordained member of Progressive Christianity, along with Nova Costria International Outreach Ministry. My Master's degree is in Biblical theology. I am eclectic in my beliefs, I am open minded, and I come from several different perspectives having been exposed to many ideas over my lifetime.

Sincerely, Rev Robin Anne Hannon

For those interested in my book:

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