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Covid dream/Vision

I had a very interesting dream/vision last night

I had gone to sleep wondering why it is so many in the USA are in absolute denial about Covid saying numbers are inflated, and that it's a plot to deny freedoms.

What I saw in the dream is that there are several things going on at the same time.

The first is that yes there is some inflation of numbers, but not to get money for hospitals. It has to do with testing or lack of it. There are people that don't have Covid but have been counted as having it for example. Then states fall behind in reporting, so for example they didn't do much on Memorial Day, and when it was reported it looked far worse because of several days left unreported during the holidays.

I believe there are powers that do have a political agenda and want people controlled. They are using this very real crisis to get people to relinquish freedom. Those people are real, they exist.

However the fact remains that yes the virus is real, and yes it's killing people in droves. Someone close to me just died for example from it. She was living in Brazil and there is a very large outbreak there. It is something dangerous to deny. Anti-Maskers and people who have pushed to open do not seem to understand nor do they care that more people will die as the disease is spread by social contact, and it doesn't affect just them, it affects everyone.

Denial leads to polarization, and the less we work together the more this virus will rampage and kill. It's also part of an ascension process. The polarization is due to the fact that some have such low vibration that they need to separate their beliefs from those who have higher vibrations.

Along with this, we have Mother Earth who is responding in the only way She knows how to continued pollution and harm from human beings so you are seeing huge and horrible natural disasters, including upcoming uncontrolled swarms of locusts, murder hornets, and weather related phenomena.

I was told this is a time to indeed sit calmly in the middle of the storm. Do not get sucked into the vortex of fear. Take this one day, one breath at a time. Use common sense when you are in crowds, and try to maintain a respectable distance. Honor the requests to wear a mask in a public space, or send someone in your place if you are uncomfortable doing so. Stand in whatever prayer or ceremony you know. Pray if that is your belief. Understand that Creator's ears are everywhere. Meditate, take time to ground. Get out in the fresh air, but respectfully and with distance from others.

Everything we are seeing including the deconstruction of commerce is a birthing pang. With the chaos will come a different way, and probably change our lifestyles. It will be a difficult transition because so many of us have been spoiled by our lives and freedom in America. This is a time to put on whatever armor you have spiritually. It's a time to get lean spiritually, you will not survive burping and belching into the things that are to come.

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