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Creator Connection

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Aurora borealis overmountains and a lake - Dreams and Visions the fire in my soul

Some things I learned from Grandfather.

Remember your connection to Creator. Creator is mother, father, provider, source, all and everything. Do not seek Creator for what you feel you can gain in this world, money, position, power, prestige. Seek Creator the same way you seek food and water to nourish body and soul. Honor the spark of Creator in all things, the four legged ones, the winged ones, the rock people, those in the sea, the plant people, insects, and all that lives under the Sun of Creator's grace.

Honor that which is given to nourish the body, be grateful for that which brings life to the soul. The more we nourish our relationship to the Divine the more we will find our blessings. If we seek just the material and manifest that without manifesting life and wholeness, and do not develop a servant attitude where Creator can work with and through us, it is as if we eat a diet of fluff, of sugar, but of no real nutritional value.

We need to remind ourselves that we might be the Captain of our destiny, but Creator has the map. We might be able to manifest our desires, but are our desires one to serve, or to be enriched with things we can't take with us when we pass on?

Con mi coriza con du (From my heart to yours)

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