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The Willow Tree

Updated: Dec 21, 2022


Tree holding hands
Willow Tree

In my dream I was walking in the most beautiful and fragrant meadow. There was a bench under a beautiful weeping willow where I sat down to admire the view and listen to the birds singing.

The willow grew limbs from it's branches and hugged me. It felt warm, safe, and grounding.

The Willow said, "I am here for you for your healing. For all the angst and physical pain I want to remove it from you. Globally this is going to be a tough year on many fronts, but see this as your safe haven. Use my roots to ground by placing your feet on top of them. Let my leaves cover you with warmth from the storms and cold. I am life, I am hope, I am unmovable, stand with me and let me take your fears, your frailty, and your needs. Hold my hand and I will give you my strength. Walk in the shadow of my leaves and I will nurture you. Let me help you connect through me to Mother Earth and all her bounties that sustain and strengthen you.

I thanked the Willow tree, and a breeze moved it's branches, and a small piece of branch fell into my lap. The Willow tree said, "Keep this with you. This way wherever you go I will be." I was incredibly grateful, and I cried tears of joy at this precious gift given so freely, and undeserved.

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