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Dream from March 1999 (Covid?)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

From Robin Anne Hannon Author of Dreams and Visions the Fire in my Soul

Wednesday March 17, 1999

I ran across this in my dream diaries, and had completely forgotten about it. It chilled me to the bone. If this does not sound like what we are going through now in 2020 I don't know what does!

The day is approaching My Children when the winds of death will sweep the Nation, and many will depart from the Earth like dust in the wind. A great man made plague that eats the lungs and destroys the body will be set loose. The inhabitants of great cities will drown in their fluids. The consequences of manipulating forces they don’t understand and can’t control will come down like rain upon their heads.

There will be cries in the great cities, and no place left for the dead to lay. Great bonfires will be kindled, and the ashes of the dead will further spread death as it is inhaled in the air. No more the sounds of laughter or souls dwelling carelessly with their guts hanging with waste and greed. Abundance and gluttony will fade as want, need, and destruction leave all bare.

All will be stripped, the mighty fallen to their knees, the cities a waste zone, wracked with pain, loss, and unstoppable hardship. Behold the fallen who set their face to the heavens claiming Godship. The gift of freedom has been removed from under their noses. Their leadership is bankrupt and spiritually empty, a large mouth setting upon all who do not agree. In this wake of lies and greed, it is unstoppable. In the face of destruction, fires of hate, lies, and deception will pour from the mouth of the leadership all for the sake of power. Many will be brought low but not before the leadership has laid waste to a great society and nation.

The nations will groan globally, and the weight will crush it. All it was built on, the lust after material things will crumble at their feet.

In this time be prepared, be vigilant, be sober. Do not let your spiritual gut hang over your belt. Be ready, be grounded, be unmovable, and stand in faith so that you are not swept away nor taken by the tides of this time.

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