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Fear vs Faith

Updated: Jun 7, 2020


Faith and fear are two sides of the same coin. Fear is simply negative faith in action. Faith is simply positive energy in action. When we realize this then we can flip fear around to become positive manifestation. Fear is paralyzing because many people get into the “what if “syndrome. They end up thinking the worst and find themselves unable or unwilling to move. It stands to reason that we can take that negative faith energy and harness it the way we harness electricity.

This is a moment-to-moment process. Our past is done and stagnant and it can’t be changed or altered. Our future depends on our ability to harness our thought processes one at a time and overcome negative fear filled faith by filling our lives with positive hope filled faith.

During the latest fear, anxiety and panic over the Corona Virus it is even more important to stand in faith vs fear. The picture here I found is very appropriate. Fear and panic are like a giant ball and chain. It hampers us and our ability to move and think quickly in a crisis.

We need to take common sense approaches such as vigilant hand washing, avoiding large crowds, and boosting our immune systems. With this we need to boost our faith immunity. Fear feeds on itself and becomes a monster. As I have stated in previous writings, we need to stand in the center of this storm grounded, rooted, and in whatever faith or prayer we can muster.

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