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Harmful faith from a Homeopathic Consultation

I went to a homeopathic doctor today. All I can say is this picture sums up my reaction.

First of all, there was seventy minutes of pseudo psychological nonsense designed to find the root "cause" or reason for all my ailments, we'll start with that. After all the questions she determines it's stemming from my gut. It was one of the first things I said, so why the prodding psychological nonsense other than to make more billable time?

Then this "Doctor" pulls out about six different homeopathic remedies designed, "to make my cellular body and structure ready to move forward". My response internally was, "I'm in your office submitting to this garbage, doesn't that say I want to move forward? For heaven's sake! REALLY?! "

It gets even better. She gives me an RX for Castor Oil to put on my belly externally. Um yep you read that right. It was all I could do to keep a straight face. I used to take it internally as a kid, but external Castor oil for "digestive issues"? Um sure and while you are at it sell me snake oil to put on my salad dressing!

Then this so called "Doctor" asks me how I feel about my body. Hmmm...let's see. I have constant chronic UTI's, low immunity, gut issues, my spine has degenerated into powder, and I make kidney stones. So, I replied well, it stinks. So how does this person respond? She starts yelling CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL very loudly and over me. Um excuse you ask me how I feel then proceed to invalidate and attempt to cancel my feelings. Oh, joy are we done yet? Thank you for the shame and blame! I don't know what I would have done without this interview.

In sharing this story, I really need to reiterate what I have said in the past about harmful faith.

It is never right to try to cancel another person's feelings or attempt to do so. Furthermore, the idea that every word we say manifests itself is magical thinking at best. When this fear of words and of honesty begins to interfere with compassion and understanding, then it becomes abusive in my opinion. It is a terrible, sad, and destructive form of shame and blame.

I am not sure who the author was that I read not too many years ago, but they had a list of ailments and the so called spiritual and psychological connections behind them. I could not believe what I was reading. For example, "If you are deaf you refuse to hear." Another "gem" was, "If you are blind what are you refusing to see?" Seriously? Talk about ultimate shame and blame! That is reprehensible, it is not spiritual, it is just outright ignorant.

I have seen people ostracized, shamed, blamed, thrown out of groups, ignored or vilified due to chronic illness, or mental illnesses. Often people like this have the finger pointed at them. So called friends will insist they are victims, with a poor me syndrome. Well, they are victims of people's intolerance, cruelty, and misperceptions that's for sure! They are not making victims of themselves, but people are doing that, and this is not the light and love of healing at all. I have known some amazing people that have negotiated landmines of physical and emotional issues. I applaud them for their strength and dignity in the face of some overwhelming adversity.

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