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Harmful Words

Words are life to the body and soul. They can heal, uplift, calm, edify, or in the worst of cases scar for life. When someone tells you their truths, but it wounds your soul that truth becomes harmful. Then there is a perception of truth based on the person telling it. Often it is their particular perception, but they are insisting it's THE truth. When a truth invalidates, harms, or in some cases destroys, that has gone from using the guise of truth to lash out and abuse. For example, recently someone was giving their perception of something I shared. I told them that they had the wrong perception and while it was theirs it was not mine. They kept pushing and basically said they didn't care about my feelings; this was the truth. Ok then there you have it. When we get on a moral high horse to insist our truth is all important despite the harm it does, that truth is harmful.

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