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Healing and Peace

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Healing and Peace

The question I posed is what can I say, what can I do at this time to help facilitate healing and peace during a time of serious issues, and what seems to be a time where our most treasured freedoms, quality of life, and more may be at risk.

As I sat, a figure materialized before me, and said to follow them. They directed me to the healing pond I have come to know and love, and I was carefully prepared before I entered in. I was washed from head to toe and prayed over. This lasted quite a while, and I could feel all these fears and cares melting away as I was ministered to.

There was a song or poem that was sung over me during this process. Whatever you are, you are whole. Whatever you are, you are at peace. Whenever you fear you know we are with you. The elders and those past support you. Whatever you say your words are honey. Whatever you fear it is all temporal. Your feet are solid in the Earth. Let our song bless and calm your spirit. Let your light shine whatever else you do. Let the peace of Spirit stand with you. In your soul just trust in Spirit. Let this time show you all you are.

Finally, I was told to step into the healing waters. As I lay there letting those cool waters flow over me, I was suddenly transformed. Snake which is one of my power animals and resides mostly around my ankle bit into me. This did not hurt at all, but in fact felt very freeing. As I let go of any other fears or human concerns I started to transform into a beautiful white snake. Light surrounded me, and there was a sense of deep power and peace. Then I started to shed my skin. I felt like a butterfly in a cocoon and I could not wait to see what would happen next. I stepped out and I was a being of Light. I was not old, I was not in pain, I was in no fear. I was told, “This is your true essence. This is who you have chosen to be. Death cannot steal it. Your soul is eternal. Continue to be the light, the teacher, the healer, and put your fears aside. What is happening on this plane right now is sad, terrifying, and the losses are staggering. Bear in mind though that none of this is eternal loss.

Civilizations comes and go, as to beings in human form, but Spirit never dies. Go in peace and remind people that if you have one small lighted match, no darkness can remain. Where we choose light, only light can remain. Where we choose darkness, no light exists. This is the free will of all mankind to choose."

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