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In the name of "Faith"

Judgmental mouth
Toxic faith

I have written many articles about harmful faith and recently ran across another instance. I need to be that voice in the wilderness on this topic because so many are being harmed by toxic faith, and erroneous ideas about it.

This was a recent conversation that literally came out of nowhere and with no provocation. It is not uplifting, and it is harmful, toxic, and narcissistic. If one is any sort of healer, be it Reiki or some other modality, cleanse your mind of this garbage. One does not look "spiritual" doing it. People's issues should not be a springboard for your personal need to look like you are powerful, all seeing, or "enlightened." If anything, this makes one look not just bad, judgmental, and totally self-involved. It looks as though the person saying this has not just lost themselves but their mind. I'm sorry to be so blunt but I think it's warranted.

Person A: I’m feeling your negative energy, it’s affecting me. It’s really bad energy.

Person B: Honestly, I have no clue what you think you are “feeling”. I haven’t felt well this evening. I have IBS, it’s acting up and it’s painful. I also have been contending with other physical problems. I don’t know if you might be picking up on that.

Person A: It’s not that, your energy is too much. It’s dark red and it’s affecting me. I see you turning against family and friends. You are angry, rageful, not yourself. I’m feeling you, picking up your energy. I’m too sensitive.

Person B: I haven’t got a clue what you are feeling or why you would feel this from me. All I know is out of nowhere for no discernable reason, and without provocation you are literally attacking me with toxic faith, shaming, blaming, and insisting I have dark energy. I have been up most of the night in pain, and frankly I have no interest in contending with this right now. It’s toxic, and it’s outright wrong. If you felt anything from me, that should lead you to prayer, to intercession, not to shame, blame and insisting I’m dark or evil. I am truly shocked. No, I am not rageful, angry, turning against family and friends, or any other such thing. If I’m not myself this evening it’s due to severe pain, nothing more.

Person A: It’s too red. Red is not a good color for me, it makes me sick. Don’t take it personally.

Person B: My pain is not about you! Red? What on earth are you on about? Seriously???? We are done with this conversation. It is very personal; how could anyone not take it as such? It’s toxic, and if anyone’s energy needs correcting it’s yours.

If one is a healer of any sort, you reach out in compassion. Pray for someone. Don't sit in judgement of what they are going through without even so much as a discussion of what the issue might be to begin with. Faith that harms and is toxic is not faith. It is not uplifting, it is not helpful, it is not healing. It is in fact narcissism at its finest to blame and shame without even a conversation to find out what the issue might be. True faith healing is compassion, not judgement. It is wanting to pray, to heal to help, not tear down and destroy. This is not spiritual, this is not faith, this is exactly the sort of twisted pseudo-psychological toxic and destructive thinking that needs to be not just addressed but shouted from the rooftops.

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