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Look to the Stars

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Look above to the stars. They are reminders of where we came from and where we are going.

These twinkling lights remind us that there is both eternity and serenity in the heavens. For me I like to think each star is linked to a soul, to a loved one, and when we gaze into the heavens we are reminded that the spirits of those who have departed are never gone. They are luminous as the stars themselves.

Stars speak to us of all we have forgotten but once knew. They hold the keys to ancient wisdom if we only stop long enough to listen. They speak to us of healing of the spirit, of the mind, and of rising above the lowest vibrations to become more than. They let us know that life is not just what we perceive but the infinity of that we do not yet understand or perceive. Stars speak to us of transmutation, of the light in every soul. Even dead stars will shed their lights showing us that light in everything, Creator in everything is not so easily extinguished.

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