• Robin Chestner-Hannon

Newest dream vision11/29/2020

I dreamed that I made a journey to my favorite healing pond. All around me the animals were clowns. Wolf also turned into one, and started painting me until I was also a clown. Wolf was laughing and splashing water, and I returned it in kind enjoying the laughter and fun. Then racoon came and brought me a gift of a flower. She said I should be like the flower, both beautiful and fragrant. Bear showed up shortly after and roared but in fun

. He began dancing and said this is the gift of laughter. Hummingbird flew in and then gave me honey from it's beak. She said let your lips and words be like honey. I was given the gift of laughter and to be silly, and infectious with joy when the need was there for that. Then I was given a tree branch and I was told to be like the tree and bloom or root without strife or care, and remember to let laughter root me.

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