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Newest Visions and Dreams Not for the faint of heart

Dreams and Visions
Visions and Dreams

Before you read, this is not easy for me to even write about. If you are a fearful soul you may want to skip this particular piece I'm writing. I also can't say how much of this is prophetic, and how much is an upset stomach (too much pie in my dinner?) or maybe general anxiety. Dreams are funny things, but as these were particularly vivid I felt the need to share them.

In my dreams there was a convergence of natural weather phenomena, mixed with various issues of serious illnesses, continued financial stressors, and further rifts and divisions in the USA.

For the weather phenomenon there were deep snows and ice but they seemed to be swirling in a pattern that was unusual, almost as if it were a tornado snow bomb. There were ice storms as well that were intense enough to disrupt heating and energy, trucking and food supplies, and in some cases freeze water in a way to make it undrinkable. In other cases water pipes could not stand the intense cold and were breaking as well.

Illnesses may all combine this Christmas season and create a multitude of issues such as overflowing hospitals, severe illness, and more deaths sadly. I kept seeing pac men...ok maybe an archaic referece at this point but I don't know how else to explain what I was seeing. These pac men were evading previous immunities. There was simply not enough funding as there was previously, and they were mutating in a way that science simply could not keep up.

The political scene was having it's own quakes so to speak. There were even further divisions and some sort of financial crisis that may well shake the foundations we have come to count on. I could not be certain of it all, but it appeared as though there was some sort of US default that could have been avoided but was not due to intractibility, and hubris. I saw many mouths with sharp teeth, ripping, tearing, and drawing blood. Rather than focusing on the major issues of weather, financial security, sanity, and treating illness, the focus was on destruction, on "getting even" whatever that might mean. I also saw a convergence of enemies gathering to attack. Basically if they could not get the money they paid in, they were going to come into our shores and or somehow forcefully take what they could.

Please remember dreams are subjective. Is this a nightmare...more than certainly yes. Could it come to pass? I don't know...maybe, maybe not. Is it both prophetic and perhaps my own reactions to life itself and how things are playing out? Possibly yes. Either way I am sharing this. Time will tell.

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