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Pig in a Pigpen

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

A white pig chewing on some straws - Dreams and Visions the fire in my soul

I was praying last night about forgiveness, and what to

do when someone refuses to respect your boundaries or

continues to insult you with their actions or deeds. What

came to me is the analogy of a pig in a Waller. Before modern

technology, pigs were the most unclean animals

A pig by nature loves its pigpen. A pig is not happy unless it

is in mud and guck. It used to be before the advent of clean

feed that they would eat the garbage no one would touch and

were perfectly content in doing so. Now can you imagine if

we got angry at the pig for its nature. What if we held anger,

bitterness, and resentment against the pig for wanting to live

in a pigpen?

Those who continue in shameful or despicable actions in

my mind are equivalent to a pig in a pigpen. What they

do, and what they choose to fill their soul and spirit with is

not something for we need to take responsibility. While it’s

normal at first to be upset and angry at the disrespect, I’ve

concluded that these sorts of people disrespect themselves

more than anyone else. We are what we feed ourselves through

our minds, our eyes, and our body and spirit. If someone

wishes to feed themselves dirt and muck, or continually fill

their soul with that, then we do not need to take that to heart.

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