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Regarding the Covid Virus

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Going out on a huge limb...I believe in terms of the spiritual shift we are in, we are in the west of my medicine mesa wheel. In the west is Black Panther also known as Choku Chinchai. She is there to show us the way beyond our fears, and even beyond death itself.

It's a time of letting go of every construct. Everything we know, everything we counted on, it's all been the proverbial rug pulled out from under us. It's a time of trust in the Divine and in the Sacred. It is letting go of human fear, and surrendering to the unknown which is the hardest thing for humans to do. Societies throughout history have gone through similar shifts.

History is often a cautionary tale when society deems itself a God...or people see themselves as a mini God without regard to consequences. It is a tale as old as time...of a society with great advances, of abundance, but one did not respect the natural laws, of the planet it was on. It is trying to remind us that we are fragile, our lives are fragile.

It has taken one small virus to lay low the most abundant and blessed country. Our abundant selves are empty, our money and stocks in the toilet, and there is not enough paper left to even wipe ourselves with. Everything of pride, all that we have been accustomed to has been stripped. The voice of this Crystal is a reminder of the distant past that we are not the first civilization to be laid low by assumption, selfishness, pride, waste, hedonism, and gluttony.

If in this time we can drop our constructs and sit in humility, we ride the back of the Panther beyond death, beyond fear, beyond what we THINK we need to what Creator has in store for us.

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