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Sobering Dream 2019

Last night I had a vision/dream that I want to share. It will not be easy to read. Sometimes the things I have to share are difficult not just for me to tell, but for others to hear as well.

I was standing at the healing pond that I go to when I do my lucid dreaming. There was a figure there, no gender I could distinguish with light all around it, almost to the point of having to turn my eyes away. They motioned me to sit down, and this is what I was told to convey. Please don't shoot the messenger.

My Child, please convey that time is growing short. Those on Mother Earth are beginning to reap that which they have sowed in the environment. As well there has been both mental and political division that has ripped the fabric of society.

Madness, delusion, fear, anger, violence will become more commonplace. Freedom my Children is a gift. It must be used wisely. There is a difference between freedom and anarchy. When freedom has no walls, no ceiling, when it becomes a cauldron for lies, misinformation, deception, selfishness, abuse, greed and more, that freedom will be lost.

Along with this, understand that as the Earth itself suffers and changes due to man's insistent pollution and disrespect that we are all connected to Mother Earth. The mental instability you are seeing is linked directly with the instability of this Earth and will continue to deteriorate.

Diseases will take millions of lives globally. New and vicious diseases will proliferate, again linked to the deterioration of the Earth's equilibrium. With the melting of the icecaps, virus's that have long been buried will emerge.

The Great Bear, his hammer and sickle before him will awaken seeking to devour all in his path. His weapons of war and destruction are fearful. Out of the night he will march with the taste of blood in his mouth. He will march in strength and force into surrounding countries unimpeded for fear of his might. His nuclear force undiminished he will brandish it as a sword as he heads many to do battle.

Get ready by daily grounding. Do not be swept up in the fear and hysteria. Those that are taken from this Earth during this time will have fulfilled their spiritual contracts and will be in peace. It is normal to want to preserve your life. Use common sense and live each day in the moment. Love your family, friends, do not let old wounds divide you. If you have had issues with anyone, now is the time to forgive. Greater things are coming that will need your attention and you can't allow yourself to be drained by old wounds.

Peace within. May this message reach the hearts of minds of all who have the ears to hear.

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