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Soul on Fire

"Seek what sets your soul on fire." I decided to journey on that to expand the meaning.

What I saw in the journey were multitudes of people that had let the fire in their soul die. They were just too busy seeking material gain, or had allowed wounds, pain, unforgiveness, and other negative things make the fire die out inside of them. Instead of seeking what would elevate them, what would stoke that fire or spark Creator put inside, they chose the temporal things of this world. They were empty hulks, sleep walking while assuming they were awake.

I found myself asking if my own fire were alive and well, and what I could do to keep it burning. I was shown that my writings, Reiki, singing, journey work, and healings that I do are the fire that burns in my soul, and keeps it awake. The more I allow myself to be a vessel, the hotter the fire will burn.

I was told to throw away fear, and the things that had weighed me down. I arose like a flame in the sky, spreading my wings like a giant Phoenix. I received a message I had gotten in the past. It reminded me to continue to feed the fire, and feed the Phoenix. Be like the Eagle and continue to spread my wings without fear beyond myself, submitting to the fire that not just consumes, and burns in my soul, but cleanses and heals.

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