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Take my hand

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Hands holding each other
Take my Hand

Love will always be there

Just take my hand and I will bring you there.

Take my hand and let me lead you onward

Let me heal your broken shattered soul

In my arms you find a sure sweet shelter

Let me grant you peace within your mind.

When you can’t walk, I’ll be your legs to carry you

When you are tired, I’ll grant you sleep and peace.

Place your trust and heart within my hand.

Let me take your spirit up on mountains

And help you fly above the pain and toil

Trust in me

I understand your pain, your weary wanderings

Let me give you solid ground to stand upon.

Take my hand and I will lift you upwards

And let me turn your mourning into joy.

There is no temptation that I cannot overcome

And the light will guide your spirit home.

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