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The Plight of a Female Scorpio

Recently I had a dream/vision in which I had no scorpion tail. All that I could see was a stump where the original tail had been.

As I began to question the why and how of this, some thoughts came to mind.

I was born in 1954. In that day, in that generation, (or maybe it was just my upbringing), women were brought up to be meek, submissive, and what they used to call “ladylike” and with manners.

Most of us who are Scorpio understand many of tend to have very little filter. We are loving, we are generous, and kind, but the dark side of Scorpio nature is that tail of ours replete with a venomous stinger. This stinger can be used not just to harm not just others, but even ourselves.

I can’t speak for other women, but I have always been a female warrior. It was not my nature to be polite, or to mince words. I am and always have been a ball of fire, direct, intense, passionate, and caring.

In opposition to the warrior self, I am also an Empath. I can feel the pain of others, and it affects me deeply.

By trying to fit into “polite” society, (especially growing up), my fiery nature was often rebuked. I was considered odd, out of step, impolite, and as my grandmother would say, “A wild child”, or one that needed constant correction for simply being who she was.

As the years went on, I began to sit on the parts of myself to fit in, to receive love, and to feel less alien. I stuffed down the fierier tendencies. I became fixated on watching every word I spoke, being precise, careful, understanding that my words could really mean life and death to someone else.

In essence this dream was telling me I’d cut off an essential part of who I am to be who others felt I should be. I had went about smothering myself, my essential self, focusing on what everyone else felt about me. I became afraid of the very thing that made me strong. In short, I became afraid of myself.

By becoming meek and afraid of my own power though, I had made myself a target for predators. What scorpion in the wild would survive without its tail? There are still predators looking for weak prey both in the animal and human kingdom. Narcissists and bullies have a radar for such people, and for me to do my job I need to reclaim my power.

In the now I must regrow and rebuild that Scorpio tail and love myself as the warrior woman I was meant to be. On a energetic level I can use the Reiki I know to rebuild the lowest chakra, one that deals with support, with loving oneself, and most importantly it is the seat of fire that enervates the entire physical body. That flame needs to be lit and carefully tended, as years of programming are stripped away.

I am sharing this for all the women out there who are warriors. It is time to wake up from our slumber. We must reclaim, regain all that has been taken away. We must stand in our strengths, and dignity, and light the fires that make us who we are.

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