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The Veil between life and death presently

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

In the past week the veil is thinner than I've ever seen it. I've had dreams every night about those in my family that have passed on. I visited my mother and father in my dreams.

My father was telling me to dig deep and remain rooted no matter what. He was saying things are going to be very challenging for a long time. He urged me not to go along with crowd mentality, and not to leave isolation no matter the temptation right now. He was insisting that opening things up due to the economy is going to not just double but possibly triple the deaths we have had from Covid thus far.

My mother was telling me to use my time to be creative, and express myself. She was urging me to pick up my guitar again. She said to continue my singing and keep posting on Youtube. She was proud of all I'd done creatively and in my business, and new book as well. She spoke of my children and grandchildren and said that they are the hope for our future, but it's going to be a tough road for them, much tougher than the road we've traveled so far.

My Grandmother Tilly paid me a visit, and I had not had a dream of her in a long time. As always Tilly was concerned and worried about me, my husband, and family. I teased her as I used to do asking if she had taken her picture to submit to Ripley's Believe it or Not for the worlds most prolific worrier. I made her laugh at that, and the two of us were laughing until tears fell from our faces. I let her know I carry her in my heart and always will, and we hugged and cried for a while.

I even dreamed about a cousin I had known but not very well. I was taking a plane home after visiting my family and she insisted I come eat some lunch with her. She was saying the entire family or clan was rallying behind me, my children, and their children to support and protect us while death and Covid stalks the nation.

Pay attention to your dreams right now. They may not necessarily be just dreams, and there may be important information to take from them.

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