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Thoughts for the day

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I was thinking about the power of two words put together "what if". It amazes me how much power these words generate in the negative.

I've seen "what if's" that paralyze a person's ability to move forward. In it's worse form the "what if's" have caused physical symptoms, including high blood pressure, heart attacks, acid indigestion and more.

When you consider the power of "what if" it's a form of manifestation before the actual event occurs. This often goes along with, "I told you so". So in other words the power of the manifestation was enough to create the reality, then of course, "I knew it."

Let's take this and turn it around for a second. If "what if" can be so powerful as to produce a fact in evidence...enough for, "I told you so" then conversely "this will be ok and work out" should produce similar physical and or situational results, enough to say, "I told you so." So then, if we are to harness our what if's perhaps we should do so for our betterment! It's the same energy, but much better results.

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