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Updated: Aug 16, 2021


This was written in 2000 and given to me in a vision/dream. It still amazes me when I see things I've seen or dreamed come to fruition.

As you are aware, we are going through a great shifting and changing. Many souls

have transitioned from this earth due to cataclysmic changes in the Earth’s crust, and even its climate. There is a great deal of fear, apprehension, dismay, and sadness right now about these cataclysmic events. The question is why is this happening, why now currently?

Dear Ones, Mother Earth, is during birth pangs at this present time and season. She is shifting and changing partly due to man’s negligent use of resources that have turned climates and air quality, but she is also moving because there is a spiritual principle involved that I will explain.

Now is a time when both good and evil are vying with each other. Because of the birth of this, the Earth’s womb is shaking. There are those souls that had contracted before they manifested to give up their earthly lives in this new birth. In the recent natural disasters, many souls not only gave up their lives but spewed and littered about the landscape for all to see.

There is an uncovering of darkness that has laid dormant only to rear its head in the present. In this new birthing all that is not of Light, that which is putrid, decaying,

corrupt will be brought to light for all to see. It is a wakeup call to those who are healers to pray and stand in the gap. There will be a sharper demarcation coming between those of Light and those not of Light. There will be shakings,rumblings, and times of great travail on the physical earth.

Many will transition and leave this earth during this time of division and of great tragedy. But know this, with every birth there may be blood and pain, but there is also the joy of new life, and of new beginnings. The spiritual principle is that when Light comes into the world when the prayer is made to heal and to attain to that higher level of consciousness, it brings forth physical travail on the Earth. A cleansing is in effect, and unfortunately, it is not a gentle thing. It is earthquakes, it is violent rains, divisions, mass death, terror, and brutality. It entails disasters of proportions seen only a few times in this present world.

Having said this Child stand afraid of what may transpire on this physical plane. All is as it is meant to be. Trust that there is more to this life than the physical. Be ready and willing to serve and comfort in this difficult time of transition.

Know that each of you had signed up for a specific job in this season even before you incarnated on this plane of existence. Be at peace despite circumstance and put your trust in the Universe. Be the Light, do what is Light, live what is Light and you will receive blessings in doing so.

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