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Two new dreams

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

There were two dreams, both seemed odd and out of place that I recently had. I simply could not make sense of them until they came to fruition, then I saw the meaning. It solidified how important it is to keep my mind and spirit open to my intuition, and to what my dreams are telling me.

The first dream was that there was a murder of crows all dying, sick or already dead on the ground. Odd dream, and not something I normally dream about. First I looked up what it could mean, and the interpretation was some sort of death either of someone I knew or even myself. I wasn't too worried it was myself, but I didn't know anyone at this time actively dying either. I called a friend of mine who is sync with me, and we were going over various ideas, then she said that her elderly mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Due to her age there wasn't anything they could do for her. It was then the light bulb went on. This dream was meant to share that, and to be able to support my friend as she helps her mother transition.

The second dream was that my dog who is just under two was playing in a field. She was off leash (and that just does not happen, my dog is an Italian Greyhound. They can run like the wind and I know better than to let her off leash.) She began to chase a bird, and tripped. She went tumbling over and over a steep hill or small cliff. When I caught up she was in a heap. Her muzzle was broken, teeth, and jaw. It was a life threatening injury and my thought was there would be no repair for my baby, but she'd have to be put down, and I woke up in tears. Later on that day I'd gone out on my porch. It's on the fourth floor, and the slats are large enough she could possibly squeeze through although she's never tried. Somehow I thought she followed me back in. Instead she got locked out there. I found her but not for a while. Thank God she did not attempt to go through the slats or chase a bird. So my dream was trying to warn me to be careful.

During this time where everything around us is in chaos, I would urge you to listen to your dreams, your subconscious and keep a dream diary. Remain open to what Creator or even your own intuition might be saying. Spend time in calm and quiet, and meditate if you can. Remember that it's easy to fall into the chaos and fear and miss something that could be vital to your spiritual walk, physical health, and growth.

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