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What is a Spiritual Warrior?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020


A Spiritual Warrior is one that stands in the gap between ordinary reality and Spirit.

A Spiritual Warrior is armed with self-knowledge, truth, prayer, discernment, and the ability to know truth from fiction.

Often Spiritual Warriors are reviled because they refuse to compromise truth to tickle people’s ears with what they want to hear. They are lone voices crying in a wilderness of self-deception, false prophets, and false teachings. These are people who walk alone and are often misunderstood. They are charismatic and intense with a passion for truth and selfdiscipline.

They are the surgeons of the spiritual world often perceiving truth with a clarity that is often disconcerting. They get to the heart of the matter with a precision of mind that can at times be difficult to hear. They rarely mince words, but their purpose is not to wound with those words. Their words are often prophetic in their warning to abandon a certain path or mindset.

Many Spiritual Warriors are often beset themselves with issues socially, spiritually and emotionally. They are people that have walked through the fires of purging themselves and have often had their own egos broken and then rebuilt and resurrected into a vessel fit for spiritual warring. They are our teachers, our beacons, our consciences and the connection between that which we see and the unseen.

Spiritual Warriors are the voices of prayer in the wee hours, the constant reminder to Creator of the frailty of human existence and the need for Creator’s assistance. They are on the front lines of the battle between our shadow selves and our higher selves. Their calling is not an easy one, but essential, and even more essential in the times we live in today. Author’s Comments: Indeed, this has been a difficult calling. Warriors especially in American society have always been viewed as male. It is an aggressive trait to be admired in men who are called to protect their families or their country.

As a woman it is not exactly encouraged to be a Warrior spirit. Women are supposed to be soft, feminine, pliable, calm, and nurturing. While these qualities exist in a Woman Warrior, they must also be tough, strong, bendable but not breakable, feminine yet aggressive enough to stand in the fray. Women with this Warrior Spirits are Sabras. A Sabra is a Hebrew word for a fruit that is tough on the outside, yet sweet on the inside.

To be a Spiritual Warrior is both a gift and a burden. Many Women Warriors with this gift are also empathic and they often take on the pain and suffering of others. Spiritual Warriors often give until it hurts, and then keep on giving long after many others have been drained dry.

Men who are Spiritual Warriors are challenged in a different way. They must remain sensitive enough to listen to the still small voice inside, but still retain their masculinity. They are the protectors both in the physical and nonphysical world and not every man is called to this or capable of it. Spiritual Warriors are the dreamers, the visionaries, and the ones in the forefront of the battles that life brings. Often, they are reviled because people tend to “shoot the messenger”. In many cases they find themselves in the center of problems and issues. Often, they end up ferreting out deep seated problems in a group and often are shunned or despised for what they are called to do.

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