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What is Judgement?

From my nightly vision journey: What is Judgement?

Judgement is not dishonorable unless it harms or invalidates. For example I make judgement calls every day. Is it safe to cross a street and when, do I say something or not when I disagree as examples. Then there are the intuitive judgements we make. I believe I can trust this person, they resonate with me. I think that person over there might need help.

When judgement is used to harm, or to create suffocating rules that don't allow for differences in people, or if it's used to demand obedience, or brainwash, that type of judgement is dishonorable. In terms of spoils, if we get those dishonorably we have poor judgement and less character. If we receive for being honorable and are blessed financially without harm to others, then we are reaping what we've sown in love. This is a form of judgement just as karma is. But it seems to fall on both good and bad people.

In fairness...there is a difference between a choice and judgements. Can we say this is also by knowledge, instincts, intuition, or choices more than a judgement?

It is all those things. It is knowledge both natural and instinctive, along with intuition. It is more than this, because of what it encompasses. We also have to remember that life and death is in the power of the tongue. So what we judge we manifest. That can go either way, so it's a powerful tool.

Yes there is a difference in choice and judgements but often they go together. For example I choose to forgive, that's a choice, but it's my judgement that this is beneficial.

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