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Wings of Flight, letting Go

In my most recent dream journey I was at the healing pond I have gone to. There were heavy bags all over that were weighing me down.

I stepped into the water, and two birds, an eagle and a crow, flew from the sky into the water. They began to dance, and splash the water on me, encouraging me to dance with them.

As I began to dance and splash with them, they turned into beautiful people with wings, and flowing robes, laughing and splashing the water with me. Then I saw a large fire, and I was directed to take all my heavy bags and throw them into the fire.

Once the bags were burned, I was told to fly free. The people turned back into birds and flew high in the sky with me.

I was told never to let things weigh me down that way. That I am not to take on baggage that does not belong to me. I am to remember to remove my burdens every night, and in the morning.

Most of all that it is not up to me to control or fix situations for others, but rather to pray, to be a vessel and allow greater hands of mine to take the wheel.

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