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A Good Question

Updated: Jun 7, 2020


A friend asked me several days ago what I felt was going on in the world at large. They were expressing a feeling of constant unhappiness. Furthermore, they said it felt as if their mind, body, and soul were enduring assaults on so many levels it was overwhelming.

Hateful, shocking, unconscionable things are crawling out of the woodwork of people's hearts and spirits. They said they couldn't understand how this would suddenly occur creating an atmosphere of intolerance that led to all this.

The first thing that came to my mind is that we can't create something out of thin air. In other words, these things were already festering below the surface. It was and is an ugly infection, and all it took was the right circumstances to show the depth and depravity of it.

I believe that humankind cannot live in a spiritual vacuum. Our belief systems will mold our conscience. We have over decades abandoned spiritual and religious principles. It is human nature to fill an empty place in the spirit or soul.

What we see now is what happens when such a hole exists. It does not matter which religion or spiritual practice one follows. I am careful here not to advocate any faith system.

If we want things like compassion, empathy, tolerance, and wholesomeness, we must feed those things with something.

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