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Challenging times

Updated: Dec 23, 2021


We are certainly in challenging times politically and medically.

People are exhausted from the roller coaster ride of illness. As soon as we feel we are out of the woods, yet another threat emerges to our well being.

Politically our nation is horribly divided. The right to vote is being challenged through a loophole that would allow those who were voted in to represent the people to override their votes and put whomever they chose in.

There are wars and rumors of war with the Soviet Union poised on invasion. China may have newer sonic weapons.

People are reacting with insanity at times. Flight attendants are being beaten by unruly passengers. Restaurant workers are quitting due to abuse by their patrons.

This is a time to put on your armor mentally, physically, and emotionally. The pressure cooker situation can cause serious issues such as high blood pressure, heart trouble, depression, and more.

Remember to focus each day on faith. Whatever is just, pure, good, think on these things. Shut off the tv, and the cascade of fear and negativity. Find ways to walk more, exercise, find a hobby or two. Start manifesting peace, pray for it, see it, envision it, and what that would look like. This will not be easy as the voices of fear are loud, and invasive. However fear is a monster. The more we feed it, the bigger it gets. Be a part of the solution and not of the problem.

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