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Question of Mother Earth

Question of Mother Earth
Question of Mother Earth

Dreams and Visions / The Fire in my Soul

Question of Mother Earth

Question: Mother Earth the entire planet’s weather system is out of kilter. The scope of this is frightening, and at times it feels as though you are angry with us and lashing out at us.

My Children: You have it all wrong. I am not lashing out at you despite all you have done to deface me and poison me. No, my Children, you have it wrong. Yes, my Body is responding to the damage you have done. Yes, the climate is warming, and the polar ice caps are melting. Yes, there are stronger tornadoes, and yes there are issues with rain, lack of it, extreme heat, and other natural disasters I am not lashing out my Dearest Ones.

Let us look for a moment at the process of cancer produced by cigarettes in your bodies. When you choose to smoke the lungs are damaged by cancer-producing agents. They are blackened, and tar from the cigarettes impedes their ability to deliver life-sustaining oxygen to the vital cells that sustain your life. Eventually, the body responds by producing cancer cells. It is the body’s reaction to an unnatural and unhealthy product that should never have been there. Now would you say your body hates you in this case? Of course, it doesn’t hate you. Is it lashing out? No, the body is trying to protect itself, but the mechanisms are damaged that instead of protecting

the body ends up attacking itself and killing itself.

In the same manner Children, my body is responding to the damage you have done and continued to do. Unfortunately, I cannot control the response of my body, and

you are feeling the results. You cannot poison the waters of life I have given you, the air you breathe, the very ground you were born from without consequences. My body is a living thing. It is its existing ecosystem with checks and balances just as your own body is.

If you were to stop drinking water, you would die. If you were to stop eating, you would die. In the process of life, there are delicate systems that keep you alive. If those processes are disturbed, then anarchy and ultimately death is the result. These are choices my children, your options. You have made the decisions, and these are

now the consequences of them.

Some have asked Me, is this reversible? Yes, however, the time is fast approaching when it will not be reversible. Just as people become terminal due to poisoning their bodies, or neglecting their health, so am I fast growing terminal. Once that point is reached no there will be no return, there will be no coming back. If there is a time to reverse this trend, it must be now before the damage is so extensive that no

one will survive, no life on Earth will sustain itself as we now know it.

I have nurtured you Children, but I am old and feeble now from continued abuse. I am sick in body, and the poisons are rapidly diminishing my ability to recover, recoup, and fight back to health. I love you; I have given myself in my body and my Spirit to ensure your continuance. I cry bitter tears in the acid rain that falls. What have I done my Children that I deserve so little respect? I burn in the mounting heat, and as the ice caps melt, so does my determination to recover from it. I rumble and move in tsunamis, earthquakes, and see the devastation my body causes and the lives it takes, and I cry my Children. I weep for you, for myself, and for all that I

have done that goes unnoticed. Wake up my Children before it is too late. I love you from Mother Earth.

This was written back in 1995. Since then, it is not clear that the damage is reversible that we have done to our planet. There have been horrific heat waves all through the US this year 2023. Fires have devastated Canada, and the resulting smoke has made the air unsafe to breathe all through the East Coast and beyond. There have been floods so serious that all of Vermont is a disaster zone. Crops once plentiful are disappearing. I read an article recently that tomatoes have been so adversely affected that many Indian restaurants had to take staple dishes off their menu it's become unaffordable. What is it going to take? We have members in Congress that want to lift restrictions on further pollution for financial gain. What they don't seem to realize is that they will die of the heat, of the loss of food, lack of clean air and water just like the rest of us.

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