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The Lightening Tree

Updated: Jun 7, 2020


Be planted firmly, take root in yourself and ground. The tree stands firm. It bends with the wind, and it is flexible yet unmoving. Stand with your eyes to heaven grounded in both heaven and earth.

The lightning is renewal and rebirth. Let it burn away all that does not serve you. Let it bring the power of transformation and change. Let it course through you and bring you strength over adversity. Placed in your hand is now burned the lightning symbol to remind you of this formative strength.

As the Earth nourishes a tree at the root, be nourishing to yourself. A tree is sustained by the Sun. It does not toil, it does not harvest, yet it has all it needs. Let the tree mind you of perfect provision. Let the lightning cleanse and burn away anything that is not necessary from your branches. Let it drop away as leaves do on a tree.

Author’s note: It was in coming across this tree that had been hit by lightning that I could see the analogy of the transformative process. While it appeared the tree was hit, there was no damage to it other than a slight burn and some bark that was growing again over the area. Not only had the tree withstood the strike of lightning, but the mark left seemed to be a reminder of the process of tearing down and rebuilding that goes into transformation. While it might seem frightening, or even negative, that is our judgments, but not necessarily the truth. It is dropping our idea of what is negative or positive and being in the moment that we can genuinely die to the things that do not serve us and shed them.

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