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Whoopie Goldberg and her Holocost Statement

Whoopie Goldberg, "When co-host Joy Behar said that the Nazi Jews were a different race, Goldberg replied, “But it’s not about race. It’s not. It’s about man’s inhumanity to other men.”Co-host Ana Navarro pushed back and said that it’s about white supremacy where Jews, gypsies and Roma were targeted. Goldberg responded by saying, “but these are two white groups of people.”

Teaching moment: Jewish people are a race. If you take their genetics, there are markers that indicate if someone is Jewish. These are specific markers that are not in any other race, ipso facto Jews are a race. As well Judaism is a religion. So basically, you have a race of people with a very specific religion.

Technically because this happened in Eastern Europe yes most of the Jewish people there were Ashkenazi white Jews, but this is more than just white on white issues. Ms. Goldberg seemed to imply that since there were white Jews involved it was not about white supremacy. The fallacy here is beyond ignorant. The entire Nazi regime rested on the fact that Jews were a less superior race. Color of skin aside, there were little children that were put in the ovens and gassed! Six million innocents died due to this sick view.

Also, Jews are not just a bunch of white people. Due to diaspora Jews come in every color. There are Sephardic or dark-skinned Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Hispanic Jews, Egyptian Jews and more. Jews come in every beautiful color under the sun.

Did it come across Antisemitic, well yes but as well ignorant of the facts. It was hurtful, it was surprising, Antisemitic, and given the last name she took Goldberg, which is a Jewish name btw, she should learn the history of Jewish people.

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