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Fear Vs Faith from Dreams and Visions the Fire in my Soul

Fear and faith are two sides of the same coin. Fear is simply negative faith in action. Faith is simply positive energy in action. When we realize this then we can flip fear around to become positive manifestation.

Two quotes, one is mine and the other is something my Grandfather would always say. My favorite saying is, "If you have faith to fear then you have faith to have faith."

My Grandfather used to say. "If you worry you die. If you don't worry you die, so why worry?"

If you light a match in a pitch black room that room is no longer pitch black. It's a small thing that little match and the light it produces yet where there is light no darkness can remain at the same time. Therefore faith is the match, and choosing faith will dispel darkness and fear.

In order to weather the storms in our lives first we need to stand in faith rather than fear. Fear is gasoline on the fire. It not only feeds the storms, but it takes you out of the center and directly into the middle of it.

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