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In the Center of the Storm

Updated: Jun 7, 2020


We all know that a hurricane or tornado is a very destructive force of Nature. However, the interesting phenomenon is that there is peace in the center and calm in the center of these storms. When life’s storms hit us, we need to find the center of them where we can ground and be safe. In this place the destruction may rage around us, but it will not affect uspersonally.

In order to weather the storms in our lives first we need to stand in faith rather than fear. Fear is gasoline on the fire. It not only feeds the storms, but it takes you out of the center and directly into the middle of it. Fear is a normal human emotion and reaction to the unknown. While we may not be able to stop the feeling, we can choose not to feed it.

Faith is not necessarily a feeling; it’s an action and a choice we make. We can choose to feed ourselves positive affirmations, pray, meditate, go to our wheels, breathe, do yoga, there are endless possibilities to deal with our feelings. The more we chose to feed ourselves things that keeps us calm and faith filled, the more centered we are, and the further we are emotionally and spiritually from the storms of life that whirl around us.

Fear and faith are two sides of the same coin. Both deal with outcomes that have not yet occurred. The difference is in the energy. Fear is the belief or faith that something bad may happen. It is the unknown that gives us the butterflies, and the goose bumps. Faith is the belief and faith that we can overcome, endure, and have a good outcome. If then we have the faith to fear, then conversely, we might as well have faith to have faith. Secondly it is important to stay in the now. When we begin to postulate on outcomes, we can direct or manifest that outcome inadvertently. Instead of worrying about possible outcomes we need to give these concerns into Spirit’s hand. When we find ourselves beginning to pick up the worry again, we need to make a conscious decision to once again let go and give it to Spirit. This might be a onetime process, or it could be a process that goes on for a while. If we have gotten in the habit of trying to control our universe, worrying, or fearful thoughts it can be quite a struggle sometimes to reprogram one’s thinking. There are certain things we can plan for, and the things we can control we should consider and do something about.

However, when something is out of one’s control no amount of worrying or planning is going to make it right. At that point it’s a matter of riding it through in faith. My Grandfather had a funny saying but it’s very true, “If you worry you die. If you don’t worry you die. so why worry?”

Lastly in order to have good judgment it’s important to remain calm and fear free. Fear freezes a person in their tracks. It is the deer in the headlight syndrome. One is so blinded by the light of fear there can be no forward motion. Thoughts whirl about in an endless loop but go nowhere, while the body is in this fight or flight mode. It can lead to irrational decisions that may impact the person for a long time to come.

Faith on the other hand forms the fuel for forward motion. It gives us the impetus and adrenaline to overcome any obstacle. Faith is the mover, the shaker, and gives clarity to the person rather than confusion. It parts the veil over the mind and gives direction and purpose.

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