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Let's discuss this "woke business" for a second. So, if you are "woke" then you are obviously awake. You wake up from sleep, you get up from slumber. You are actively engaged in the waking world. Your views, your spirit, your life is a constant part of the ebb and stream of the waking world. Your views are part of the waking stream of consciousness that is in the world of those who have awakened from slumber.

Conversely if you are sleeping you are no longer conscious. You are in effect in a dreamlike state. Either you are alive in this world, or you are sleeping in through it. If you are in effect sleeping through this world, you are also sleeping through what is going on politically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. You are in effect in your own little world. If you do wake you are then in the stream of being a sheeple. Sheep do not have much will, their will is directed. It is a fact that sleep brain washing is a real thing. Along with being more susceptible when you sleep, there are waking ways to brainwash and produce sheeple. These include subliminal messages, messages in music, tv, and other such things.

Some have "accused" me of being woke. Well, yes! What is the alternative, to turn off my brain and sleep through the world? I have been called in my mind and heart to call things as I see them. I am an empath but as well I am someone who continues to call it like she sees it. On that front I am very much awake. While this is meant as a put down to say I'm "woke", I can't NOT be "woke", and be a healer, a spiritual being, dedicated to helping those who need it.

America has always been a country that encourages visionaries, and people who think in unique ways. Suddenly unless you are mindless sleeping sheeple you are a bad, terrifying person guilty of cancel culture and more. Meanwhile those that are railing against the "woke" are busy tearing down and destroying everything that is not in step with their ideas. How is this not cancel culture? Suddenly it is ok to ban books. In schools critical thinking is being destroyed, anything related to religion or race erased. It is "ok" to make laws discriminating against those you disagree with, including allowing doctors to refuse to treat. If you raise your voice against this lack of democracy, or in any way stand for civil rights they scream and point saying, "WOKE.". Well excuse me but I live in the waking world, and in the name of anti-woke people are being led like sheep to the slaughter as one liberty after the other is being removed.

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