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Job like experience?

Job and his issues were brought up as someone who went through serious trials and temptations to say maybe I'm going through a Job like experience.

The story of Job seems to be a one off in the bible there are no other stories pertaining to having loyalty tested or a fight between God and Satan over a person's loyalty. Then there is the story of Jonah and the whale, another story that seems to be more or less a one-of-a-kind thing unless you know of other people swallowed by a whale, living in it, then vomited back up;)

My point is I'm not Jonah I am Robin, and I am female. If we bring up Jonah, we also have to consider his "friends" that were using shame, blame, and other tactics to "explain" why Jonah was going through that. Furthermore, if God and Satan are fighting over my particular loyalty, I'd have to question both their sanity.

In all seriousness it just does not pertain to my issues. No one is testing my loyalty or fidelity to God. If it's true that we are God's by virtue of faith and as well blood that was shed, it would seem questionable to then decide to arbitrarily test that unless God doubts his sacrifice, the blood He shed and supposedly His own Son.

In my response I had also said we can't just cherry pick scriptures and string them together. One example is a scripture that says Judas went and hung himself. A different scripture says Go ye and do likewise. Put them together you get something God never said which is, Judas went and hung himself go ye and do likewise.

Lastly this can lend itself to harmful faith, in which a person is shamed, blamed, and somehow believed to be responsible for their issues. This is clear in the way Job's friends handled the situation.

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