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Question of Mother Earth

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

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Question: Mother Earth the entire planet’s weather system is out of kilter. The scope of this is frightening, and at times it feels as though you are angry with us and lashing out at us.

My Children: You have it all wrong. I am not lashing out at you despite all you have done to deface me and poison me. No, my Children, you have it wrong. Yes, my Body is responding to the damage you have done. Unfortunately, I cannot control the response of my body, and you are feeling the results. You cannot poison the waters of life I have given you, the air you breathe, the very ground you were born from without consequences.

We all have seen these consequences first hand. There are massive fires in Australia that have done significant damage to wildlife, and to the foundation that Australia was built on. In the USA we've seen massive floods, devastating tornadoes, extreme weather ranging from unusually warm to bitterly cold. There have been earthquakes in various regions. In the Philippines there are warnings of an "explosive eruption" after Taal Volcano spews ash near Manila.

In the United States current protections for our environment are being rolled back. Instead of responding to the warnings our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord along with other rulings such as allowing fracking, off shore drilling, pipelines, and using coal as a resource can only hasten and intensify what is happening with our weather. In our arrogance we are signing the death of the human race, and Mother Earth who sustains us all.

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